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I am glad to have served the needs of the community and select clients in Illinois through my own firm called Pathway Industries, LLC. Pathway Industries is engaged in the proper cleanup and disposal of steel scrap for our clients. As the Owner and General Manager, I ensure that high levels of confidentiality, initiative and personal organizational integrity are upheld at all times. It is not easy to operate this kind of business, but I believe my success can be attributed to my personal commitment to excellence and motivational leadership. I am willing to really pull up my sleeves and do what needs to be done just to show my co-workers how to do things right. I am very particular about details, and I value commitment in the people I work with in my team.

Thinking out of the box is not something I do on a project basis; it’s something I have committed myself to each and every day of my life. I want to be an effective role model to my colleagues so I take part in committees and special events and pursue professional training and education. I remain open to the concerns and questions of my coworkers, as I believe it builds a system of trust that can’t be broken easily.


I put a premium on responsiveness because I know how clients appreciate prompt answering of email messages and phone calls. I work hard to ensure quick turnaround times so our clients’ downtimes are minimized. At Pathway Industries, we ensure reliable customer service, with every one of us being prepared to step up to the demands of the job. I am dependable when it comes to pioneering of ideas, accepting risks and making difficult decisions. Making the client wait is a huge mistake that I undertake not to do as a leader. 

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Gregory Jevyak has served as the general manager of Pathway Industries, LLC, since 2013. In this position, he is tasked with overseeing all business operations and project management functions in addition to managing client relations. Through Pathway Industries, Gregory Jevyak provides a diverse array of services to members of the community who seek assistance and advice regarding project management, computers, and telecommunications. The company also excels in working on social media projects, particularly those serving the needs of individuals and businesses involved in public affairs.


Before setting out on his own, Gregory Jevyak gained hands-on business experience while working with major petroleum corporations in parts of the United States ranging from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Baltimore, Maryland. During this period of his career, he held leadership positions with titles like site manager and project engineer.

Greg Jevyak


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